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Our recommended best paint stripper

We have found the best paint stripper for stripping paint and varnish to be the Cooper’s Restoration System. Surprisingly their larger packs offer the lowest cost per square metre of all products we have evaluated. It’s excellent for interior projects and often the best for most exterior projects especially exterior varnishes and oil and water based wood stains.

We chose the Coopers Restoration System as the best paint stripper because the results are amazing. It’s easier to use and you don’t have to sand. We have not discovered anything that comes close.

If you have never used the Cooper’s Restoration System before then you need to start with their Stripping System. In the pack you get all the essential things you need to be successful.

Sometimes heat gunning thick old oil based paints first can be a cost saver, but you will still need to strip the final paint residues. See our “Know How” pages for more on heat gunning.

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